“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away” – Shing Xiong


I dream of a community clinic with a big open room containing several treatment areas each with a comfortable lounge chair or table. There is a private treatment room as well. We have a kitchen where we make and share tea or nourishing soup and have cooking/nutrition classes. There is an herb garden and contemplative outdoor space. There is a reading room for research and quiet waiting. There is a chapel for meditation and prayer. There is space for Qigong. There are visitors rooms where those coming from a distant place can stay during treatment or teaching. There is a team of dedicated personnel in complementary disciplines who are come together to provide care, to learn and to grow. There is a community of students who are open to change.

The clinic is part of the monastery where I live with others. The building is an adapted motel or similar complex with studio apartments for residents and the spaces described above. The library and meditation hall are open to all. Regular services are held daily and at special occasions.

This community is an inspiration, it is the foundation of the future of the earth, where all facets of the world ecosystems are cherished and appreciated. It is sustainable and sustains all. It evolves and adapts. Its principle is Generosity, Compassion and Wisdom and this very essential power is the center of the new paradigm.

The clinic and monastery is funded by wise investors who are part of the whole and wish to contribute toward the creation of the world we all want to be in. It is open to those who come in need. It changes how we respond to life and to being. It is a wellspring of miracles and wonder. It is a magnet that draws to it what is perfect for the moment and a pulsar that sends out ripples in space and time to soothe, nurture, bless all it comes in contact with.

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