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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Clarification or obfuscation?

Sammuditta writes: 

Could you elaborate on this for me, please? From your blog:
"Lately she likes to say, 'We are all winners in the end.' This is the realization of oneness, we are one and we are now and all is what it is."
Do you mean we are one(Brahman) as in advaita, or do you mean interdependent origination? The former would be one extreme but the latter could still fit into advaya(beyond one/many, existence/nonexistence, self/nonself, etc...).
This was most likely taken out of context but since I haven't been there in awhile I was curious.
Thank you for your time.

Hi, it's been awhile, glad to hear from you. As you know, Sensei is not one to approach the Dhamma from such an academic perspective. Following her practical teachings helps me to alleviate suffering in my own mind and thereby not contribute to others suffering, perhaps even help.

So I mean "One" as in we are all interconnected, inseparable, duality is delusion. So to alleviate others suffering we must alleviate our own. She means there is no need to worry, no benefit in distress, worry and distress focus on the negative and close the door to the positive. How is that not duality? There is the essential paradox, as small minds we create duality to analyze, to discuss, to consider. The problem comes when we get attached to the categorization we applied and believe in its reality. Non duality is Oneness when we drop attachment to good and bad, positive and negative, then the potential is unlimited and our cultivation of the roots of happiness bears fruit. We are not applying just one strategy but several including attending to our own position in time and space.

In applying the teachings we each interpret, evaluate and implement them according to our own natures. Sensei bases the lessons in Dhamma but it is taken as a whole not sectioned out, it would be less effective for her to relate each point she makes to a particular passage. 

Welcome back, I am glad to say this not where a discussion of terms takes place, this is where we breathe generosity compassion and discernment right now and realize that terms like 'Brahman, advaita, and interdependent origination' are windows; here we are trying to open those windows to fresh air. Did I? or did I pull the shade unintentionally? I certainly don't have her discernment yet. I am only acting out of an intention based in cultivation of generosity compassion and wisdom, which I freely admit I could be doing better at. It is a persistent effort, a lot of effort, but it feels good.

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