“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away” – Shing Xiong

Monday, August 25, 2014

a tamed trained guarded and restrained mind

The cloister for some of us monastics lies in avoiding exposure to toxic substances such as the news media, after all a tamed trained guarded and restrained mind is the source of the greatest happiness which is what we cultivate to become like a sun and shed warmth and relieve suffering in all we contact. But there are times when that cloister, the barrier to toxicity, is breached. That is when the practice comes in. Rajju Jim shared that great quote about being like a tree in the wind, you grow strong roots because of exposure, your roots are weak without it. Not that we should search this out, just that we need to be ready, and be aware when the challenge rises.

Challenges arise all the time, I used to use the saying "all difficulties are equal" to help overcome obstacles, maybe I need it again. The challenge today is to be cognizant of greed, anger and delusion and wipe them out in myself rather than being provoked into responding with the same.

What a wonderful opportunity to be part of creating something so beautiful as oneness.

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