“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away” – Shing Xiong

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

three powers of intention

Three powers of intention denied would be "you live in a fantasy world; visualization is closing your eyes and seeing what you want to see; drawings should look the same to everyone". These are errors in thinking that are instilled in us early on in life to keep us from roaming too far in our imaginations. To prevent us from developing as the potent world creators we are meant to be.

Instead, the Three Powers of Intention are: we choose what to perceive, we can imagine things without seeing them, and what ever you draw is just as it should be. If everyone looks at a drawing of a horse and sees the same horse it is not the horse you perceived but the horse you learned should be there. It does not reveal your experience, it shares nothing but your learned point of view. Visualization is an error of semantics - it is not necessary to be visual for you to imagine -image - anything in your perception. What we each perceive is informed by what we expect and demand to perceive, not what is there. Survival and our limited resources prevent us from perceiving ninety nine percent of what is around us. When something is perceived by someone that does not fit theirs or others expectations it is denied, refused, forgotten. This is a failure of courage, a failure of faith in the world and in the process of life. Few people have the opportunity to develop without either being forced into the common world view or willingly and even eagerly adopting it.

As spiritual athletes we take up the challenge of repairing this. It not only feels risky it is risky. We risk our connection to the common which establishes sanity. We risk isolation and fear and lack of support. We are vulnerable to repeated upheavals as the lessons prepared for us turn the rock beneath our feet to sand. But once initiated it becomes a delight to pass milestones and recognize that we are on a path, and a very fulfilling journey.

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