“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away” – Shing Xiong

Friday, June 12, 2015

that old joke

someone told that old joke again yesterday - the "make me one with everything" hot dog joke. remember that one? Well, what if we could step up to a vendor's cart or truck and say: "I'd like to be one with everything." Or step out of the office and get a quick dose of compassion or courage or clarity, how about getting a glass of loving-kindness, a whiff of happiness, a bite of joy, a dose of humor? Why not? Do you really think that would be immoral? I think it would be wise and amazing and really really cool.

Now I would think it immoral if someone chose to purchase a cup of cruelness, or a toke of vanity, or a bag of anger. I think it would be stupid, but should they have that right? Would it be patronizing them to say that's illegal? Would we legislate that only over the age of *blank* can you purchase an emotion that could lead to harm of self or others?

In reality if we consider our past manufacturing/advertising and GREED the substances above would likely not provide the equal of true feeling and would likely result in blocked or altered sensation of our true potential, but if not, if it were possible to stimulate our own ability to feel (and it is, this is within our abilities as sentient beings) then we have in our hands such a wonderful world right? The only thing keeping us from it is attachment to "our desires." Rigid adherence to a set of "shoulds" is all that prevents us from choosing a pleasant outlook, an enjoyable feeling.

Stories of freed or enlightened beings sometimes describe them as mischievous, playful, unpredictable and highly amused. Having dropped attachment they choose what feelings they want to experience and alter them at will. This takes a lot of energy, a practice that cultivates and conserves and manages life to provide energy for being wise and will full is a full time occupation, but it pays well.

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