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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

the couple that saved the fawn in Indiana?

Does anyone else remember hearing about the cop and his wife that saved the fawn after its mother died?
They were possibly going to be fined $60K and even sentenced to prison?
I got this response from the gov of Indiana's office:

"Thank you for taking the time to contact the office of Governor Mike Pence.  He has shared your e-mail with me and asked that I respond on his behalf. I appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.
'While the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) appreciates the public sentiment surrounding this case, the Department has requested the charges be dismissed "given the time that has elapsed, the costs associated with the prosecution, and the apparent absence of any immediate harm from this single incident.'
For more information on what to do if you encounter an injured or orphaned wildlife, please visit the DNR website http://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/5492.htm
Again, thank you for writing, and thank you for your active citizenship."

So hurraay! evil averted for the time being, it is a constant struggle, keep it up.

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