“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away” – Shing Xiong

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Recover from Delusion

Be here now, do not dwell in thoughts of distant places, do not think of the future - it is unknown, do not think of the past - it is merely a construct, do not compare, do not weigh, simply be, be here now. This moment is all that is, the mental clamor is merely noise. None of us knows anything but our perception in this moment. None of us can predict or recall clearly, we can only be here in this moment - and in this moment we can choose what we feel and what we offer. We can choose to dwell in Compassion, Generosity and Wisdom in this moment, in each moment. Sourced from Compassion, Generosity and Wisdom this moment is fearless, kind and considerate. We are well.

Sensei said her meditation was: "the one who will do the least harm will be elected." None of us can ever know the outcome of any such situation enough to reasonably predict the future. We can only source our own minds and hearts in Generosity Compassion and Wisdom. Be where you are, not where you might be. (Unless where you might be is a dynamic choice of delight and exhilaration.)

Monday, March 14, 2016

This evenings walk...

the dog listened politely as I let loose a few minutes of thought. I recently gave a presentation on what Buddhism might offer to those in recovery for a class in Oriental Medicine and Chemical Dependency. I had a great time making the presentation. The Dharma is such a pleasure. Two of the points I made were that the three poisons have three antidotes and the five hindrances have specific fixes as well as a general corrective action/tool. Tonight I reflected on the subtexts of the three antidotes - especially Generosity. 

Generosity is best understood as not merely giving but forgiving. Letting go of expectation, giving without the expectation of return, letting go of judgement, letting go of comparing, recognizing and letting go of attachment to desires. 

Generosity without wisdom is not entirely beneficial. Giving within the discernment of true happiness vs mundane happiness is beneficial. This discernment/wisdom is cultivated in meditation. Oh what a practice that enables the focus on what brings the greatest most lasting pleasure in life.

For all the world I am so glad to be right here right now. I disrobed, returned the robes but the precepts/guidelines are there for the promotion of the practice, to further the practice, to make the practice more efficient and effective and I have not stopped adhering to those, those as I interpret them, as I believe the fully self awakened one intended them. When you know what you don't want you know what you do want, as Abraham Hicks says.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

trolls and bullies

I woke the other morning chuckling, how often does that happen?
How do you escape a troll? Take the high road, you'll never see them there.

I had a more specific term than troll but no need to associate one bad egg with a whole group. Or even a whole generation or segment of population with a tradition, culture or world. But this is a serious issue in human society. I used to see the bumper sticker "Mean People Suck" - I don't know what that related to for the person who put it on their car but it was kinda sad to see, what I realized was that "Mean People Are Hurting." It is good to keep in mind. Hurt is the source of their behavior and hurt- especially to themselves, is the outcome of their behavior. It is a vicious cycle, it really happens to everyone not infrequently. We are hurt and we respond from that hurt and the cycle goes on. Sensei teaches that there are 4 times to stop this cycle. First is after you have already acted out, second is during your response, third is when you see it coming and fourth is well in advance when you lay the groundwork for a beneficial relationship with the world. Meditation cultivates awareness of the time between perception and response, time to reflect, view the big picture, consider the frame and the other person's point of view, an awful lot goes on in that blink of an eye. As Buddhists we are lucky to have a teaching that prepares us for Dukkha and develops the capacity for learning on the agility course of life. We have the ready made and always to hand tool that is Compassion Meditation. Just grab it and go, its holster is May I Be Happy, May I Be Peaceful, May I Be Well. Press the trigger and it fires May you be happy May you be peaceful May you be well. There are advanced settings that make this multi-tool invaluable in all four stages.
You can pick one of these babies up for just $19.99 at Cloud Nine Superstore, see you there.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

religion and mysticism

religion is a devastation of the spiritual, as a land devastated by strip mining will fill with briars and teasel so does the devastation of the spirit fill religion. Like a roadside zoo joyful beings are caged and malnourished within it. No wonder they become mistrustful.

Even in a devastated landscape nature provides a few flowering fruit trees, and harbors yet some birds and butterflies.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

mnemonic for well being

Being in this moment
Beauty seasons the mind

when I share the perceptions of source
I welcome contrast for the expansion of
my desire for good and walk in beauty

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The year of the monkey - a good time to blow the lid off

wow, from out of left field a contact from the ordained Sangha - a Bhikkshuni from Iowa, blasted into the comment section and declared us anathema in a libelous attack. Oh what an opportunity to Practice! To return Generosity, Compassion and Wisdom when shunned. I am truly blessed to have this practice.

I have never had any conversation with any of the ordained Sangha beyond Venerable Dr Karuna Dharma, or Sensei or Bhante Vimalaramsi. Venerable asked the Bhikkhunis to give me higher ordination and the elders said yes and everything was arranged but a month before a certain clique in Northern Californa refused saying they did not consider Sensei a teacher. But no one spoke to her or to me.

Had any of them a whit of inner guidance or an elementary practice of the eight fold path they would have great enough clarity to see ours is a spiritual partnership - Noble Friendship, not one to discard - a treasure to hold forever and prosper from. Now sangha members are judging us on what basis? Gossip, apparently, disregarding Dhamma or their precepts.

As the junior in this I have been unable to speak openly before, always counseled by Sensei to maintain deportment myself, never to criticize Sangha members or defend either myself or her. Others who have received similar treatment just left without further discussion, unless they went on to become rich and famous - then the treatment changes! This small historical record will speak for us to those who need it or find it beneficial. If the same is happening to you my heart goes out to you. Remember we are in good company, this same scenario has played out many times, and yet we sing.

Oh what drama, never mind - the hummingbirds at play.