“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away” – Shing Xiong

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Health Care Choices for Health Care Practitioners

Health Care Choices for Health Care Practitioners

  1. News Flash: You are entitled to your opinion about what you would do in someone else's position but you are not entitled to an opinion about what they should do.
  2. Fear is delusion based on thinking of a future which does not exist, use present moment awareness instead.
  3. Technology is a tool that enhances the senses, does not change perception or interpretation. We only see what we expect to see.
  4. What would you do if you were on a deserted island or were the only person in the world and were blessed as you are are?
  5. The perceived world is created by collective and individual mind. An individual mind is capable of altering the body it inhabits  - DROPS -Don’t Resist Or Push away, Soften.
  6. Knowledge of self is not simple or easy. Discern patterns and motivation via meditation supported by practice of eightfold path. Cultivate awareness of dependent origination. Trust discernment when it arrives. You are the light rely on yourself, do not rely on anyone else, the Dhamma is the light, rely on the Dhamma, do not rely on anything else.
  7. “Maybe,” ~ Wisdom recognizes the ripple effect and does not rely on value judgements:
Grandmother owns a farm, one day a horse wanders into the barnyard and stays. neighbors say “oh what good luck!” grandma says “maybe.” Later the grandson is thrown by horse and breaks leg - neighbors say “ oh what bad luck.” Grandma says “maybe.” Later the army comes by looking for conscripts, the grandson can’t go because his leg is broken, neighbors say “oh what good luck!” Grandma says “maybe.”  etc etc
  1. Everything in life can be a step or a lesson, we should not be too quick to decide if something is good or bad, should consider the root of the judgement, why we like or don’t like, consider who else might benefit or be harmed.
  2. We come into this life by choice, how we live is our choice, what happens to us is our choice, how we respond to what happens in life is our choice, time is not linear and every moment diverges infinitely but we choose which path to pay attention to.
  3. The one guarantee in life is death. We are all going to die, when and how may be or may not be predetermined but the fact is all of us do. It is the living that we should focus on.
  4. The body is infinitely malleable reflecting the mind, if you can change the mind you can change the body.
  5. Most people don’t practice awareness at all, react from habitual responses, are trained in greed anger and delusion. It takes great good luck to learn that the roots of happiness are generosity compassion and wisdom, to learn what those words mean and even greater luck and also determination to practice, to cultivate, to change.
  6. Death is a great gift, a motivator, a reset program.
Wake up! life swiftly passes by, this is the only moment, don't miss it!
Practice like your life depends on it, because “Not one other thing leads to such happiness as a tamed, trained, guarded and restrained mind.” ~the Buddha

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