“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away” – Shing Xiong

Monday, July 14, 2014

what a pleasure, what a joy

speech - overused it is.

did Yoda say that?

But what is speech? I was reflecting on the use of mantra off the cushion, perhaps then it could be called chanting...I find it refreshing, pleasurable, invigorating yet relaxing like a massage for the brain. I like this little blessing chant:

bhavatu sabbe mangalam, rakkhantu sabbe devata
sabbe buddha nubhavena, saddha sotthi bhavantu te

bhavatu sabbe mangalam, rakkhantu sabbe devata
sabbe dhamma nubhavena, saddha sotthi bhavantu te

bhavatu sabbe mangalam, rakkhantu sabbe devata
sabbe sangha nubhavena, saddha sotthi bhavantu te

This is how I learned it, it may not be spelled correctly since I recall it imperfectly, essentially it invokes the good intention and knowledge of the three treasures Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha to bring well being- happiness to all or whatever it is directed to. I like especially to think of it in the broad terms Sensei has been speaking of recently.

She has been having long and joyful communion with devotees of different spiritual paths when she is out on her walks about town as she goes to meditate along the cliffs overlooking the ocean. She says she translates the language they use into terms that are meaningful to her and when she speaks to them is able to use language they can relate to and so they find a meeting of the shen, spirit that feels good to both parties. She says that only when they speak in general terms are they of one mind, but when they devolve into details that is when discord arises therefore she gently redirects back to common ground and avoids the trap of detailing.

This is how I prefer chanting, not to check for spelling, grammar or even language but to suss out the intention and implications of the rhyme and rhythm and roll with it. Then it becomes a tool for grooming the spiritual pursuit.

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